Musical Services

Musical Services

Piano and Saxophone Duo:

Gene Keen on Piano and vocals. Dan Huber on Saxophone makes any event a sophisticated, fun event. Helping create a laid back or very upbeat atmosphere is our passion. With a wide range of musical styles let us make your next event special. From a laid back vibe to big band sounds with “live recorded” back up tracks this power house duo has fans always asking for more.

Trio featuring Betsy Holm on Vocals:

The trio of Betsy Holm on vocals and guitar, Gene Keen on keyboards,vocals and horns, Dan Huber on saxophones is a true powerhouse of musical styles. Betsy is one of the top female vocalists is Las Vegas and brings her amazing voice and all around talent to Duly Noted with passion and excitement. Private parties, weddings and corporate events is our specialty. Our wide range of songs and styles allows us to be the back ground groove for sophisticated events and then get everyone on the dance floor when the time is right. We compliment every style and size of event with the sophistication and talent to make your event a “remember that party” kind of night.

Duo with Vocals and Saxophone:

Betsy Holm on Guitar and her amazing voice with the soulful saxophone of Dan Huber. Ms Holm can still a room with her talent or just give you the “groove” to set your next event apart.